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  1. Is anyone from Devon or Cornwall going up to the Spring Stafford Bird Show in March ? I would like to go but couldn't drive that far. I would be willing to share cost of fuel. Could meet up at Sandygate round about on M5. Thanks
  2. Mark49

    Hello All

    Welcome Nick. I'm new to this site also. Interesting to hear that you keep some varieties of doves. I don't hear of many people keeping them (apart from diamond doves).
  3. Mark49

    Hello From A New Member...

    Thanks for the welcome Estrildidman & Gerard b. Where are you based Estrildidman? I'm in Exmouth
  4. Mark49

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    Thanks for the welcome Dave85 and maza.
  5. Mark49

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    Thanks for the welcome message Java man. Paul.. We love Cornwall really.. In fact we visit quite regularly :-) I've got some normal colour Bichenos myself but not managed to parent rear them yet. I agree that b/h red Siskin are beautiful birds. I looked into them myself as I've had success with canary breeding in the past. Was bit put off by someone telling me about an elaborate seed mix that they require. I know you can buy a ready prepared Siskin mix though. Good luck with them.
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    Hi Jan Thanks for my upgrade & the welcome message.
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    Thanks to Stormbird & Paul for the welcome. Paul, how far down in Kernow are you ? & what apart from Gouldians & parrot finches do you keep ? Lots of my ancestors from St. Austell & partner was brought up in Meva.. So I guess Cornwall is alright !!
  8. Mark49

    Hello From A New Member...

    Hi everyone, My name is Mark and I live in beautiful East Devon. As a teenager I kept and bred a few budgerigars & canaries on a very small scale. Now in later life, I have recently returned to the bird keeping hobby and with more time, space & money at my disposal, I have built up a small collection of around 40 mainly Australian finches. These birds are housed in a modest, heated bird room & aviary. I'm particularly interested in trying to breed all of the different species that I currently keep. Sort of learning my apprenticeship with the easier types & then trying some of the more 'intermediate' ones. I would like to make contact with other like minded finch keepers in my local area, so please feel free to say hello. Regards Mark49