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  1. How did your Stafford show go.

    I am lucky as I don't live far from the show. I bought my tickets on line this year and was able to walk past the queue. Great show even came away with a new bird.
  2. What are your plans for Stafford

    Well done great achievement, are the birds related to the ones you got from Mr Capes?
  3. New Member From Warwickshire

    Also the amount of information is amazing, I have not posted much because every question I wanted to ask has already been answered but I suppose that's what these forums are created to do. Ken
  4. New Member From Warwickshire

    Thanks for the welcome everyone, my first impression of the forum is that everyone seems polite, which is a credit to the people on here, or is it that the moderators do a good job?
  5. New Member From Warwickshire

    Well that makes at least two of us that managed to escape! I still have to go back when I visit family and Christmas is coming.
  6. New Member From Warwickshire

    When I moved from Birmingham we bought a house in Waverton ave, Warton, then after a few years we moved to Polesworth as we needed an extra bedroom.
  7. New Member From Warwickshire

    Thank you for the welcome, Ken
  8. New Member From Warwickshire

    Hi, I live in Polesworth, north Warwickshire but we have a Tamworth post code so people assume we live in Staffs, even the postman gets confused!
  9. Hi, my name is Ken. I have kept birds since I was six years old and my dad got me a few pairs of budgies, that was in 1969. For the last twenty years I have bred exhibition budgerigars but have decided to concentrate on foreign finches. I have bred Canarys, Zebra finches, Benalese finches, Javas, Cutthroats, Diamond doves, Quail, Cockatiels e.t.c. At the moment I only have a few Penguin Zebras, Bengalese and a few pairs of Gouldians.