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  1. Hello All

    Hi Nick, welcome mate. What are Diamond doves like to keep, seen these in local aquatic shop in with mixed aviary & quite like the look of em.
  2. New Member In Suffolk.

    Well they are still quite small atm Dave, around the 30mm mark, but if & when I need to thin them out I shall keep you in mind mate.
  3. New Member In Suffolk.

    Hopefully... fingers crossed, but I have occasionally found the opposite & when you remove a few fish the hierarchy in the tank, completely changes. Good luck mate, hope things settle down.
  4. New Member In Suffolk.

    Ha ha! Be tempted if I were nearer you perhaps, but tbh Dave the stock I have now will be enough for my six foot tank, especially when the geos grow up to adult hood.
  5. New Member In Suffolk.

    Are you moving those on Dave? Must admit I have often found it quite difficult moving on fish. Even a few years ago when I used to be really into keeping/breeding central American cichlids. Even trying to sell on quite rare fish was a struggle a lot of the time.
  6. New Member In Suffolk.

    Yeah Dave, the aggression is a shame & an unfortunate hazard of keeping cichlids, but they are by far the most interesting fish to keep imo.
  7. New Member In Suffolk.

    Very nice Dave, love geos. The megasema are quite rare in the hobby eh?
  8. New Member In Suffolk.

    Hello Dave, thanks for the welcome. Keeping fish from lake Tanganyika, in a four foot tank. Cichlids include an F1 pair of Neolamprologus helianthus Kapampa, one Altolamprologus calvus "black pearl" & a single Neolamprologus brevis. Also have what I'm hoping turn out to be a pair, of Synodontis perticola catfish & a few Tanganyikan killifish. In six foot tank I'm keeping fish from South America, Cichlids include, Heros efasciatus 'Rio Arapuins' (Rio Tapajos tributary), F1 fish, 2m 1f I believe. Heros notatus, a pair also I believe from watching their behaviour. Group of six (small atm) Geophagus Tapajos red heads. Pair of Corydoras sterbai, actually watched these spawning, but other fish were eating the eggs. I need to provide lots more cover really. Couple of other corydoras species, a small Crenicichla compressiceps (dwarf species of SA pike cichlid) & a few bristlenose plecs. You keep fish Dave?
  9. New Member In Suffolk.

    Thanks for the welcome guys.
  10. New Member In Suffolk.

    Cheers maza. Ah! I see your in Ireland... my wifes family are all in Mallow, county Cork area. I love coming over to Ireland... especially for the Guinness.
  11. New Member In Suffolk.

    Cheers Shaun.
  12. New Member In Suffolk.

    Thanks for the welcome PaulanLiz & java man.
  13. New Member In Suffolk.

    Thanks for the welcome Jan, I look forward to hopefully participating on the forum in the near future.
  14. New Member In Suffolk.

    Hi stormbird, thanks for the welcome. I have updated my profile as you recommended. Cheers for the heads up. Regards the dartfrogs, I bred a couple of species of thumbnails from the Ranitomeya group lamasi & variabilis being the ones I can remember without looking it up. Although strictly speaking not true dart frogs, I also bred Golden mantellas, lovely little frogs though. Tbh, I didn't really keep darts for a great length of time, as I got so fed up with the livefood side of the hobby I sold them all. Same with the rest of reptiles I kept, just got fed up with keeping/buying/breeding live food, not to mention my electric bill
  15. New Member In Suffolk.

    Hi all. My names john, originally from London, but been living in Suffolk for thirteen years now. Not kept birds for over thirty years. When i was in my late teens we had two Indian hill mynah birds, they were quite common then, but seem to be very rare now & expensive too, when you can find them. I currently keep two large tropical fish tanks in my fully insulated/converted garage, which measures 12 x 8 x 8 foot high. In the past I have kept & bred all sorts of reptiles & amphibians, from dwarf monitors lizards & chameleons to poison dart frogs. I am in the process of building a 6 x 2 x 6 indoor aviary in there as well, with the intention of getting a couple of pairs of finches. I like all sorts of birds, but Gouldian, Bicheno &/or blue gap cordon bleus are what I would like to keep most atm. Will post again in the beginners section, as I do have a couple of questions I would like advice on.