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  1. Now trying to post picture but how as its saying to large
  2. Thanks for that cheers stormbird
  3. Hello when do you get to use full site please
  4. Hello ,I love the planning and building part I learnt not to rush into it now as build and rebuild used to be my way I'm in the middle of a build now of a 40 foot aviary that's 30 out side planted and 10 in side will put pics up when I'm able too
  5. Anyone keep them on here I like to have a go with these again but not seen any for along time
  6. Thanks for that I've been searching and priced lower than I thought
  7. Where are people getting led lights from and what sort to get please
  8. Updated my profile and my pic is of the last three birds I bred
  9. I've had a sunrise one for 20 year still going strong just get it serviced now and then
  10. I do fancy a pair of stilts too
  11. Australian finches , soft bills may be and some amazons
  12. Thanks for adding me to your site I've kept bird for around 35 years although not had any for awile I'm now getting back into the hobby I've kept and bred foreign finches ,parakeet and large parrots .