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    A Full Day Out

    James ,had a much easier day than you, home to the Scottish Borders by 5 p.m. Delivered a Splendid Sunbird to Stafford to make up a pair. Came home with some Napoleon Weavers ( a local canary breeder has come to his senses and is now determined to breed some weavers and has persuaded me to get some as well ). Resisted the temptation to buy anything more exotic. Almost ended up with some Chinese Painted Quail but all sold by the time i made up my mind. Enjoyable day despite empty tables etc.
  2. AJR

    Making A Comeback.

    Thank you for the welcome, busy building avairies at the moment so hopefully a few more softbills will arrive soon, allan
  3. AJR

    Making A Comeback.

    Based in the Scottish Borders, nearing retirement so hopefully more time for birds. Used to keep quite a few softbills way back in the 70's and 80's but at present only have a few seedeaters. Bred Red Siskins and Rufous-backed Mannikins this year and am just about to take obtain a pair of Red and Yellow Barbets as a first step back into softbills, allan