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  1. chester

    New Member Removed

    A shame as all sites thrive on debate and a difference of opinions, it's just a case of recognising the acceptable boundaries,appreciating that others may have different views and not being personal or offensive. Sometimes it's difficult to differentiate if somebody is being objective.
  2. Welcome to the site. It sounds like everything is coming along nicely. You will find some excellent advice on Feathered Flyer. Mike.
  3. chester


    Welcome to the forum, I have 2 cock lizards and 3 hens in a small hexagonal aviary. No youngsters yet but even though i have provided boxes and pans, one hen has built her own nest in the old Christmas tree i have for perches and is sitting on eggs.
  4. So if some body has their pocket picked then the Parrot Society are responsible? Providing they have taken all reasonable measures then they are not responsible for criminal activity, in my opinion.
  5. I agree that the Parrot Society have excelled in providing three excellent shows at Stafford and PETA and other small minority groups have far too much influence. We have to remember that one man and his partner were able to stop the National Exhibition of Cage Birds but the extra species that are now available is due to the legal trade with our European partners and just this week it has been announced that DEFRA are going to scrap the need for documental evidence for British Birds to comply with the European requirement of just a closed ring.
  6. The Parrot Society have always had a long list of rules for their shows/sales to comply with DEFRA regulations and safe-guard the birds for sale. They now seem to be going 'over and above' as it is not for them to 'Police' the general public, what next vigilantes?
  7. Well we all know that Australia placed an export ban in the sixties, there are no wild form of Bengalese and although Zebras are Australian the best ones are already in the UK as far as the show men are concerned.
  8. So the Parrot Society have introduced new rules to deter the sale of birds purchased on the continent and sold at Stafford? If true then that would not be in the spirit of free trade between members of the EU. I think there is far too much bureaucracy and regulations regarding aviculture already without bird societies introducing more!
  9. As i have never sold at Stafford i'm not conversant with the former rules, can somebody please sumarise what the actual changes are?
  10. chester

    New To Finch Keeping

    You are ofcourse right but these days with transport being so difficult and costly people usually choose to buy nearer to home, unfortunately there are many disreputable sellers.
  11. chester

    New To Finch Keeping

    Even the most experienced keepers can be caught out, birds can appear to be in good health but the stress of moving them triggers any under-lying health problems, glad you persevered. Mike.
  12. chester

    New To Finch Keeping

    Welcome Hannah and Jason, Australian finches have plenty to offer and healthy stock to begin with is a must as listless birds can be very disheartening.
  13. chester

    Hello Again Lads And Lasses

    Welcome back and i hope you find what you need at a sensible price.
  14. chester

    Hello From Surrey

    Hello Lawrence it's surprising how many people return to the hobby, i think it's often when they find they have more time and they remember what a relaxing hobby it can be. Mike.
  15. chester

    Massive Thanks!

    Plenty to peruse at Stafford today. I was glad to feel the warmth inside the Hall as i took a roll of wire to the car and was caught in a sleet shower on my return. Good selection of birds once again with an abundance of Zebra Finches. Had a welcome cup of tea on the Feathered Flyer stall and managed to pick up a few requisites on my tour. Returned to the car park and had to feel sorry for the people with spinning wheels trying to escape from the mud, i noticed a tractor was on hand to haul them out, personally i would like to see a section tarmaced each year as it is a problem every year. Got stuck in a traffic jam heading back North on the M6 but a good day out.