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  1. johns bantam

    Stafford Ff Tables

    Well said about policing the tables, organising these events carries a lot of unseen responsibilities . I have gone to Stafford on many occasions and as always when buying at and sale , the early bird gets the worn . Even then you enter at 7.30 you cant dilly dally. I wonder whats left for the cue post 9.30. Regards.
  2. johns bantam

    Hi All..newbie Here :)

    Sorry keyboard ,Species choices are part of the learning curve and are easily changed but not so aviary's.So do it once n do it right. Good luck with your new lease of life.
  3. johns bantam

    Hi All..newbie Here :)

    Hello jeff nice position to be in starting out,the hobby is your oyster. A mistake some fanciers make and some keep on making is they want a bit of everything, understandable but not very practical. Although your at the thinking stage you are planning on a 10ft tall aviary encompassing existing pruned trees ,what happens the wire when they rejuvenate. An aviary of that height sounds brilliant but it has to be serviceable and practical. Maybe it's not relevant to the species you are intending to keep but a tall aviary makes it difficult to control birds.Nothing as frustratingsarre as a bird that cant be caught. Put a lot of taught into your accommodation and aviary as you will be looking at it for a long time.ssscc s
  4. johns bantam

    Newbie From Leeds

    Sorry,missed the scrambled egg bit.
  5. johns bantam

    Newbie From Leeds

    Hello Cyril, It appears you and the birds are not doing to much wrong at the minute although it still could be that you have 2 hens but this the best way to find out if they are a true pair for sure, the incubation time should be abt 23 days from the time she settles down.If you are going to allow them to rear a clutch then It may be an idea to partly cover the cage with towel or similar to give them some privacy as all wire cages are not ideal for what's evolving . Try keep disturbance regular and to a minimum with a varied diet and leave them at it.Sure there are lots of ways to improve but this a good way to start. Here's hoping the grandkids faces light up in February. Good luck with the learning. P.S.if the eggs seem abandoned remove them abt 3 days( if cold) its easy to misread the situation .
  6. johns bantam

    How Did You Find This Years Event?

    Hello,although im a big fan of the plumheads I agree.Id say there were maybe 15 for sale on the day and would imagine the majority were unsold .Although im no expert on the mutations there were lads selling grey /green varieties there and in all honesty I would have to look hard to see any difference from the norm,if there was it is no improvement. Hello Jan I think I may have met you ? were you the girl looking to set up the linnie stand on Saturday eve,If not sorry. Prices used be reasonable at the Stafford show but not any more especially with the currency difference for us. If your seed merchants are purchasing on the continent the prices should be keener id think. You have a much better variety of birds and equipment than is available over here, but we are getting there slowly .If not with the birds then the aviary supplies. Irish fanciers will always go to Stafford for the variety of birds and some even further afield. We have good competition with the seed merchants over here and that alone seems to keep the prices reasonable.There are several bird dealers who go to the continent on a regular basis and stock a decent supply of birds. I don't want to give the impression that everything at Stafford was expensive ,just not as reasonable as previous years Regards and a good moult ,john.
  7. johns bantam

    How Did You Find This Years Event?

    Regarding the golden lorikeet's , I noticed them and while talking to a lorrie fan, some 30 mins later I happened to mention there whereabouts. He did not need telling twice and went straight over and secured them. So if you see this Steve well done and enjoy them, Regards John.
  8. johns bantam

    How Did You Find This Years Event?

    Hello,went to the show and enjoyed the great selection of birds in competition and for sale. Looked for the lovebird society to no avail?. Was contemplating bringing home a pair of swifts but £150/ €210 a bit dear as sometimes available over here for about €160. Plumheads selling for £250 a pair and not yet mature and 2015 young at £120 unsexed,yikes a bit on the high side. I was quite happy to get €80 for 2015 young sexed.Present company excepted but its no wonder some people end up bringing there stock and birds back home. Seen king egg food 10kg on show offer £24 about €22 over here ,Cede lorry 1kg €6 here seen a price of €7.50 at the show . Swings and roundabouts I know but taking the amount of fanciers in the u.k. compared to over here, some seem to milk it as much as possible. Seen some cracking lorikeet pairs and musk young cheep at and price as a rarity over here.But space dictates my decisions,maybe nextime. Bought a fine pair of mutation fisher's for my existing colony £60 just to prove I really went to a bird show to her indoors. Great show as always and met some nice fanciers and nice way to relax but seems nothing cheep down your way on this visit. Regards john.
  9. johns bantam

    New Member

    Hello & thank you,I will make a point of visiting the foreign finch section next sunday. only there from 7.30 until 13.00, time enough I hope,as the early bird gets the worm. Hello in Carlow,went to Waterford last week ,no shortage of birds there and buyers. Regards,john.
  10. johns bantam

    New Member

    Hello Carl and all, finding my feet too, Going to Stafford on the 11th for about the 4th time in 16 years .Used to take all day to see it all then it went down to abt 4 hours or so, im wondering what it's like now with all the new societies showing ?. What a great show and nothing remotely like that over this side, Regards john.