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  1. carl

    2020 Stafford date

    I am hoping to go,went 3times last year march,july,october, really enjoyed it, it was 1st time for me,couldnt go this march though. Carl.
  2. carl


    Hi Tam, Welcome to FF. Carl.
  3. carl

    total newbie

    Hi Molly, Welcome to FF. Carl.
  4. carl


    Welcome to the forum. Carl.
  5. carl


    Hi, welcome to the forum. Carl.
  6. carl

    Hello From Chippenham, Wiltshire.

    Hi and welcome to the site. Carl.
  7. carl

    New Member

    Hi Stegt1,thank you. Hi Graham,i am from warrington. Carl.
  8. carl

    New Member

    Thanks Dave85,much appreciated. Hi John,never been to stafford so cant tell you anything about it, but would like to go. Thanks Mazza,MKP for your welcomes. Carl.
  9. carl

    New Member

    Thank you. Carl.
  10. carl

    New Member

    Thanks to you all for your warm welcomes. Carl.
  11. carl

    New Member

    Hi,Carl here,I keep exhibition type zebra finches.