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  1. JonnyC

    How did your Stafford show go.

    I decided not to get down as early so I could stay a bit longer and see the birds in the show. Parking wasn't as organised as in the past. There were some really nice Australian finches but not as many as I thought there would be. I picked up a nice fawn Cherry finch cock and a agate Silverbill cock to pair up with my hens. I was looking for a fawn pair of Owls to get some different bloodlines in my collection but most of them were scruffy or skinny or looked unwell but I managed to find a decent pair. There was loads of nice Gouldians and Diamond firetails.
  2. I am looking to pick up the following at Stafford in October. I would prefer if they were all parent reared, aviary bred and tolerant to outdoor weather. 1 pair of Fawn Owl finches (preferably 9-15 months old) Fawn Cherry Finch cock (6-12 months old) Parson Finch cock (6-12 months old) Cheers
  3. JonnyC


    Had a good day and picked up the birds I wanted and more. But I was surprised at the lack of Finches and Waxbills available to choose from. Like you say Jon there was plenty of Canaries. Jonny
  4. JonnyC

    October 2016 Stafford Show Precautions

    It was my first time last year so I didn't know what to expect. I bought 2 pairs of Bichenos from different people. Neither said if they were breeders or dealers but I guessed that one was definitely a dealer with the amount and variety of birds he had on his table. The other guy had cages of various birds on his table and more underneath the table! Anyway... they were both supposed to sell me sexed pairs but rather fortunately and luckily one dealer sold me 2 cocks and the other sold me 2 hens. To be fair to the dealers the birds were in excellent condition and have bred quite well for me this year so I would buy from a dealer again provided the birds are in good condition, but would prefer to buy from a breeder who can tell me their background.
  5. That looks great Thanks Shaun
  6. Thanks I went to Stafford last October and loved it. Where can I get cages from?
  7. Hi all, Help needed please. It might be late to start thinking about this but I need to sell this years birds I've bred. Obviously Stafford is fast approaching so I was wondering how I go about selling there. Who do I contact? What do I need? How much is it to sell? Anything else I need to know? I have 1 pair of zebras and 10/12 Bengalese to sell. I have only ever sold to pet shops before so I am a novice at this. Thanks, Jonny
  8. JonnyC

    New Member!

    Thanks a lot Jan
  9. JonnyC

    New Member!

    Thank you all. Yes it is insulated and I will be installing heat and lighting too. I do like Hecks but it depends how compatible they are with other finches. I've read they can bully smaller finches???
  10. JonnyC

    New Member!

    Hi everyone, my name's Jonny. I'm about to start keeping finches again after a 15 year gap. I've used to keep bengalese, zebras and canaries when I lived at home with parents but stopped when I was about 20 as I couldn't spare enough time to them. I've always wanted to start again when the time was right and now I have a garden I'm ready to go again. I've built a 10' x 5' shed and have just finished the aviary inside which is 10' x 3' and now I'm on the hunt for finches. I would like to try new species so If anyone has any ideas I'll have a think. Cheers