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  1. looking for pure bred wild coloured gouldian finches

  2. looking forward to the 2015 breeding season

  3. adwalls

    Great Day At Stafford And Thanks

    Thank you too all, I didnt speak to many people but those that I did were very helpfull and welcoming. Picked up some bengelese finches, pr of strawberries (AFS stand), pr of cheastnut breasted manakins (WFS stand) and a orange cheeked waxbill cock (WFS member). I must and I will become more active, as some of you know I have a diverse and varing range of knowledge of birds. All the best for 2015 breeding season. Ad
  4. cant wait until sunday (Stafford)

  5. cant wait until next sunday

  6. Im not taking anything but looking for tri coloured nuns male orange cheek waxbill bengelese from a good fostering strain nice coloured gouldian finches picking up some plastic nest boxes plus any thing else that might take my fancy
  7. adwalls

    Hello Everyone

    Hi mark, welcome.
  8. adwalls


    Hello and welcome