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  1. Jonshawz900

    For October Stafford

    Hi Jan ,I have parent reared painted finches available ,and all being well will be going to Stafford . cheers Jon.
  2. Jonshawz900

    Stafford Today

    Swapped a couple of lovely cock Gouldians with Mark (mkp) really chuffed with the pair I got ,will certainly add to the gene Poole back home .Set in bright sunshine and shades from Wakefield hit Sheffield and then wall to wall rain from there on , with look of rivers and streams on the way down, much more and there will be some flooding.By the time I got there there was still quite a few Gouldians left but not many looked fully moulted ,so was more than happy with the pair from mark and grabbed myself some red and yellow millet sprays and went looking for canaries with my mate of which there were plenty .Got out of mud bath safely and went for a pub lunch with the wife and friends and then a steady drive home .
  3. Jonshawz900

    Stafford 2017. Are You Going.

    I'm taking a female painted finch for a member and also swapping a couple of male Gouldians with the gentleman as well ,to increase both our genetic pools so to speak .Then I'll be ordering more seed from gerhard ,sprays of millet ,and then have a nosey about ,and hopefully don't see any birds I like as I've a shed full already ! .
  4. Jonshawz900

    New Member North Yorkshire

    Hi Keith, don't give up on the painteds as I have them in a mixed flight with Gouldians and red headed parrot finches and it took them over a year to start laying ,now they won't stop.Fortunately I don't have zebs in with them and the only squabbling I get is inter species , and don't seem to bother anyone outside their groups. Jon.
  5. Jonshawz900


    Certainly heaven for a canary fancier ,never seen as many under one roof . Didn't get there until turned 10 so may not have seen all the birds for sale ,but from what I saw , not many foreign finches around . Got to show in one and a half hrs , home in over three with horrendous traffic jams on m6 north . On a plus I got everything I wanted seed wise and more ,so not the end of the world . May have to have a clear out and start on canaries Jon.
  6. Jonshawz900

    Automatic Dimmer

    Hi dougy all I have in my bird room is fluorescents on timers and two separate bulbs on timers the brighter one coming on before main lights go off and the second lower wattage one comes on before the last one goes out ,then on to night lights ,if that makes sense .Seems to work well for me and timers are as cheap as chips ,and all I'm doing is stepping the wattage down in 3 stages , until the night lights take over ,then reverse the sequence in the mornings. Jon.
  7. Jonshawz900

    Hello From Belfast

    Hi Lindsay ,hope you get to Stafford ,It really opened my eyes to the bird keeping world , I was like a kid in a candy shop and was racing round buying birds all over the place , as I had a bird room waiting at home with no birds in.. But now I'm over a year into the hobby I've cut back on the breeds to concentrate on a few species like the Gouldians ,painteds,red heads and cordons . I'm going over this time but won't be tempted to buy any birds ,I'm concentrating on the ones I have ,and will only be bringing dry goods home . Jon.
  8. Jonshawz900


    Hi Liam,let me tell you your in good company on this site ,a wealth of knowledge is only a click away. Collectively what this lot dont know about birdkeeping aint worth bothering about. Its suprising how more confident you feel when you've been browsing the site a while and picking up good advise and tips. Jon.