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  1. kevin_joiner

    Ff Members Area, Breeders Tables

    Hi is the ff area under the balcony again?
  2. kevin_joiner

    How Did You Find This Years Event?

    had a good day and nearly sold all our birds, we were in the prestwood hall and the lighting in there was much better in there, also bought 2pr of pygmy cardinals I had ordered which unfortunately were a bit rough, but will get them back to looking as they should soon
  3. kevin_joiner


    Welcome, hope you and your dad find this site useful
  4. kevin_joiner

    New Guy

    we breed cut throats, and have the silver opal mutation too. no young for sale at the moment but should have some later in the year, fingers crossed. we also keep quite a few different species of finches/waxbills and live just north of lancaster so not that far away from you
  5. kevin_joiner

    Escaped Bird Caught At Stafford

    you did miss a few species mark but think you have a very good chance of having got it right this time lol, but if not maybe a.... zebra finch silverbill canary diamond dove forbes parrotfinch black headed nun peters twinspot blue faced parrotfinch song sparrow orange cheeked waxbill gold breasted waxbill green singer grey singer java sparrow
  6. have you got any white firetails?

    1. kevin_joiner


      We have bred one, black eyed white, just wondering if you also had some or some splits to pair to it? Can send you oics if you want?

    2. moorefiretails


      hi kev, I haven't got any no. tho I have breed a couple over the years but the problem with them is the gene is to weak to pair together and I don't think you would get anything of them for that reason. also iv never meet anyone else who has had them at the same time to even try! would like to see a pic tho thanks simon