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  1. I booked a table on my own in the end - no. 757 (come and say 'Hi'!). I'll be taking a fair few birds off the "restricted" list and will send the notification form (such as it is...) back to the PS before the 28th September deadline. Will be interesting to see whether I get an inspector at my table... My guess is that these forms go the same way as all those paper sales forms we hand in at the end of show
  2. I'd be happy to be in an FF section if there is one? Haven't booked for Stafford yet but was planning to do it soon.
  3. I was there. Had a table and was worried it was bit quiet, but sold pretty much everything and was gone by 11.30am! Didn't buy any birds because not looking for anything at the moment, but stocked up on dry goods and insects.
  4. Wanted

    I've got a spare hen, Mike. I was going to sell her as part of a spare pair at Stafford in July, but would sell her separately for £35 if you're still after a hen? I'm in Tutbury. She's one I bred last year and has been laying eggs on the cage floor!
  5. I'm one of those who doesn't usually have much to sell in March - my season doesn't start until April, and my spare stock mostly sells at the Autumn show. If there was the opportunity to sell a few birds on a society table, I'd be up for that and happy to chip in to table cost. It might also look good for FF to have more of a Society presence? Maybe focused on the forum as the place where most of us got the advice and support that helped us really get into the hobby? On that note, I'll be there but probably arriving on an 'ordinary' punter's day ticket. I've got a few birds I'm thinking of offering for sale but haven't made my mind up yet, and will probably aim to pre-buy pair of Zosterops.
  6. Stafford

    Having been quite concerned about where the PS had put us, I actually liked the position on the balcony that we had. Good light, wide corridor, and a wall behind the birds so no chance of anyone knocking over (or running off with) a cage. Probably wouldn't work if there'd been more FF members but for me it was good position - and I'd sold up everything bar a few odd cock birds by 11am, so home to settle my new Bulbuls by 1pm (thanks Simon Mills for the birds and Colin, as always, for the advice). I agree about the lack of waxbills tho' - might explain why the few I'd brought went so quickly, even the unsexed youngsters! I think the new rules would put people off, I'd been worried about bringing song sparrows but all of mine were pre-sold so didn't have any on the stand. Not that I noticed any "inspectors"... I did think that the show wasn't far off needing to take on bouncers tho' - there seemed to be even more trouble than previous years with theft and just general hassling of stall holders from dodgy types. One reason I now leave at lunchtime, is because I can't stand all those afternoon chancers that turn up trying to barter and hassle you. Other than that, a good day for me but then I wasn't looking to buy birds other than the one pair. Will be interesting to see how the Spring show goes.
  7. Stafford Show October 2016.

    Just seen this thread, and also read the thread on the FSSUK site you mentioned Colin (link here). I'm actually really sad and disappointed about all this. The Autumn Stafford show is an important point in my bird-keeping year, one I really look forward to. All those chicks I've nurtured over the Summer go off to new breeders, and I get to do the big aviary/birdroom clean and settle my remaining birds down for winter. I even have this 'thing' that I start planning Christmas once the Stafford and my birdrooms are done But this year... an expensive table (£33), in less-good spot up on the balcony, and half of my birds on an ill-informed and unworkable "restricted" list (I'm more than a little worried that I'm going to end up in an argument with some Parrot Society 'inspector', or on some future 'banned' list along with my birds ). And now I can't even go and talk to the FSSUK guys about that softbill aviary I want to set up (tho' I understand why they've decided not to attend)! I think the Parrot Society wants my money but not me or my birds. Roll on Spring Show...
  8. Stafford Show October 2016.

    Hi Jan Got my table no. now - 811. I requested FF area so I'm assuming it's in there? Taking Golden Song Sparrows, Blue-face Parrot Finch, Zebras (normals and silvers), Indian Silverbills (Opal split). Just had a look again at the info on PSUK site about species to declare. Still doesn't make any sense (what on earth does "or similar" mean in relation to species?!!)and it's impossible to do anything with the form online. So I'm working on assumption that because I ticked the box saying I agree with everything the Society asks me to agree with (or words to that effect...) I'm covered. Failing that I'll put a big arrow on my stand saying "Box B birds over here" !
  9. October Stafford Bird Show 2016 Tables.

    Hi I know I'm leaving this late (!), but how do I make sure I get a table in the area Hayley has reserved? If that's still happening?? Sue
  10. July Stafford Bird Show

    Won't be there this time. I'm always in two minds about whether to do the July show - but early in the breeding season for me, but the new rules did tip the balance. Most birds I'd be selling would be under six months old.
  11. Agree with most of the comments. This feels like a box being ticked rather than a serious attempt to monitor bird traffic. Signing the form (printing it out and signing it???) seems about as effective as those daft 'birds sold' sheets we hand in. My understanding is that DEFRA and other inspectors patrol the shows in order to check that birds look healthy and are tabled correctly, I don't see how they would be able to check the origin of most of the birds sold beyond trusting what the table holder tells them.
  12. Is it just me, but I can't find any information about what time entry is for breeders tables? The website is just showing the 9.30am public opening time. Anyone know?
  13. Stafford Bird Show

    I'll be there. Table 7 in the Feathered Flyers section. Won't be taking much this time - song sparrows, Mexicans, some zebs. Never know for certain until I start catching pairs up! Mostly there to buy seed and supplements ready to start breeding season. No birds, tho' will be on look out for another pair opal Indian silverbills - just had first of three chicks from my split pair fledge this morning and would like to get my colony going again!
  14. Blimey - as a site member I didn't know about any of that. And it makes me sad that you felt so let down, Jan. Having been involved in other committees, much of what you say is inevitable - individuals run out of steam and time and the best way to get past that (if there are no new committee members coming forward) is to reduce what needs to be done, rather than taking on more. In that spirit, my suggestions would be: 1. Make it easy for members to voluntarily contribute to FF site costs. Either post the bank account details up here so we can pay direct, or offer an email link for us to request the details. I'd happily give you money rather than birds for auction - less hassle for me in sorting and transporting. 2. If the Spring Show is the main FF one, we should focus on getting that right next year and say that we won't have an FF area at the October show. 3. However, if there's money and people available we could have an FF stand as a recruitment and meeting area but not a selling area, at one or two other shows? The big draw for me when I joined FF was getting advice from experienced bird keepers, so maybe having a stand at the 'Help Bird Keepers' show would be worthwhile? I've no idea what that show's like, but personally I live near enough to come and help out if we were running an advice stand for new bird keepers. 4. Please, please can we look at other areas of the hall for the FF section at Stafford Spring?? I started booking tables direct because I stopped enjoying being in the FF area. I enjoyed being there once - possibly the time March before last - but the other two times I found it too dark, too cramped and difficult in terms of punter 'flow'. My personal preference would be for that section set off the balcony, just down from the bar, that has lots of natural light The table layout there tends to be rubbish but if we have a large area we could (hopefully?) set up the tables the way we want them and have our own catching cage there too? 5. Again, focusing on FF as a place for encouraging new birdkeepers, how about a 'buddy' system for new members who are thinking of having a table at Spring Stafford? I always have to bring (drag!) hubby with me or share tables with a friend because of the work involved in setting up your table and looking after it - it took me a couple of years before I was confident enough to book a table. It might help new members if they could pre-book an FF table and be guaranteed help from a more experienced member in looking after their table while they set up; go to the loo; deal with dodgy punters ...?