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  1. LuckyPhil

    Stafford Today

    I thought it was a good day. Many thanks to Shaun for getting me a table in the FF section at the 11th hour! It was a great position; the best part was that unlike most of Stafford the whole section was lit very well and there was plenty of room so not so much barging around. One comment I would make though is about the announcements made over the tannoy. I was quite close to a speaker and the announcements were SO LOUD you couldn't hear yourself think, let alone what was being announced. I'd bought myself a bird which started to fit in the cage. It was only after about the 4th time it happened I realised it was every time an announcement was made; I actually thought it was dead at one point. I transferred it to the car as soon as I realised the connection but I couldn't have done this in the mid summer or mid winter. We are all conscious of, and often reminded about the welfare of the birds at these sales, but stress caused by ear splitting volume isn't good for them, or us for that matter! I bought two stunning pairs of Parrot Finches, swapped a couple or Timor Zebras for new blood and bought a cracking cock Red Hooded Siskin. The interest created by the Siskin on my table was unbelievable and suggests that they're the latest 'in' bird for some reason. It's no exaggeration to say that I could've resold it 30 times over if I'd wanted to. I've never known so much interest in a single species of bird, ever.
  2. Are there any tables left in the FF area?
  3. LuckyPhil

    Stafford July 2016

    Came back with some Forbes Parrot Finches but it was pretty rubbish. Only the main hall in use, nothing on the balcony or along the back of the main hall and the middle of the main hall was just fresh air too. Could probably have housed the whole thing in one of the side halls. The new rules seem a bit confusing and it must've put a lot of people off going, but there were several traders there so it certainly hasn't stopped that side of it, if that was the point in the first place.
  4. This is torture! I lost a finch, a parrakeet, a softbill, a pigeon and a duck. Any good?
  5. I lost a fawn Bicheno Finch. Actually I lost two, but unbelievably managed to re catch one of them!
  6. LuckyPhil

    Great Day At Stafford And Thanks

    Yeah it was freezing where I was and I actually lost two birds about an hour after setting up. Also had a call from someone who lost one they got from me on the way home. I had a coat on all day so no wonder some of the birds were struggling.