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  1. CJW

    Stafford is ON

    I think if people want to get there they will Craig
  2. CJW

    Stafford is ON

    Red warnings now for weekend
  3. CJW


    No problem Charlie Craig
  4. Pestering lol won't be getting anymore from me .
  5. No problem shaun I will come see you on Sunday cheers Craig
  6. Hi shaun can you put me down for 1 table and 2 wristband please Craig
  7. CJW

    New Member

    Hi ged , it's a good site mate , Craig (pigeons )
  8. CJW


    Right thought I better introduce myself so you all know me , I'm 26 years old from Cheshire I have raced pigeons all of my life literally since I could crawl , I raced them and won my fair share , We moved house for a illness of my step sons and not allowed pigeons here so that's the reason for cage birds , I have always had a aviary or a couple of double breeders , I have bred canaries , zebs , bengalese , boarkes , but mostly bred canaries , But now I will have 14 breeding cages I will have 6 pairs of budgies , and 8 pairs of something else finch wise , Cheers Craig