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    British birds and mules. Red Mosaic canaries, norwich, red siskins.

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  1. roleywire

    Raza Canary.

    Theres usually quite a few at Stafford in October. They have been around for years but are really a continental canary which are now becoming popular in UK. Beware of crossbred birds RazaxIrish or just poor irish canaries.
  2. roleywire

    New Member

    I would start with what appeals to you, do your research and ask questions on here don't fall into the trap of starter birds as you wont be happy if you don't really like them and you have wasted valuable time. You have bird keeping skills already so go with what you like. Welcome Roleywire.
  3. roleywire

    Stafford 2017. Are You Going.

    I will be going to stafford. I will be taking a pair of bullfinches and a pair of norwich canaries for someone. I will be looking for goldfinch cocks but probably wont get any as the business involving the best birds is usually done before the doors open. I refuse to buy a table when i have nothing to sell just so i can get in earlier than everyone else Roleywire
  4. Hi, Just read your latest comments on Red Hooded Siskins and that you take orders for birds. Could you add me to your list please. I breed quite a few waxbills and have been looking for Red Hooded Siskins for ages without success.

    1. roleywire



      I will be putting a few pairs down this year what do you want and where are you?