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  1. Sunbird72

    Stafford 2021

    Fingers crossed we can all safely go and have a good time, with a great choice of birds. James.
  2. Sunbird72

    Help joining site

    Hi Shaun, that's good news, lets hope more guests will follow. James.
  3. Hi Colin, did not se any problem adding a bit of information regarding the species as it was obvious name clarification had some doubts. It will not stop anyone claiming it is their bird. Correct information is valuable to all. We could do with more on this site. James.
  4. Hi, the Red billed Ieiothrix ( Pekin Robln ) has two close relations, the Silver eared Mesia, which has about five sub species and the Sumatran Mesia, the Silver eared Mesia is being successfully bred in the UK by a few fanciers. James.
  5. Hi, Brian,. The Pekin Robin, was one of many species of bird that man in his wisdom or lack of, decided to try and introduce to Europe, obviously it's attractive colours and lovely song were appealing, most attempts did not materialise, but a few areas in France, Spain and Tuscany in Italy were successful and small flocks still live and breed there. This species has several names the Red-billed Leiothrix regarded as its official name, other are the Pekin Robin, Pekin nightingale, Japanese nightingale and Chinese nightingale, I dare say Pekin Robin is easier to remember, the other names relate to the eastern areas of origin, Nightingale for its song I presume. Hope that helps explain. James.
  6. Hi, I think the odds are it has escaped from an aviary or birdroom. There is established wild flocks in l believe a part of North Eastern France but I doubt very much an odd bird would make the journey to the UK. James.
  7. Sunbird72

    A Full Day Out

    Hi Jan,. The Wagtails were not the best and it was difficult to see if they were a true pair, so I resisted them. They were snapped quickly though. James.
  8. Sunbird72

    A Full Day Out

    Hi cestrian,. The Pekins I got were from a FSSUK member, but they were pre-booked and went straight from his car to the coach, a DNA proven pair in top condition. The Amethysts I got from one of the traders, nice healthy pair, should get them into top feather in a few weeks, Generally good Softbills took a bit of seeking out, British Softbills were very thin on the ground, only seen a pair of Pied Wagtails,a Blackcap cock, a Rubythroat cock and I think a pair of Marsh Tits, and I was in very early. James.
  9. Sunbird72

    A Full Day Out

    Hi, well just recovering from the Stafford day out. The coach left at 1pm, expecting to get home a bit earlier for a change, but all came to a stop on the M6 just before Carlisle the water pump on the coach blew, stranded for 2hours until 2 mini-buses came to the rescue, bit of a squeeze with all the bird boxes and equipment, arrived in Glasgow at 10pm and home at 10-30pm, by the time the car was unloaded, birds attended too, a cup of tea, got to bed at mid-night.When you think I left the house on Saturday night at 11-45pm, that makes it just over 24 hours on the go. Got myself two nice pairs of Foreign Softbills, a pair of Pekin Robins, a Pair of Amethyst Starlings, a cock Cherryfinch and a trio of Chinese Painted Quail for the Grandkids , that made the journey worthwhile. James.
  10. Hi, could it not be that members just do not have birds to sell or enough to warrant a table, some years are busier than others, but I do not think it is all doom and gloom regarding the site. James
  11. Sunbird72

    A Wee Hello

    Hi Janeland, If I mind correctly I meet you at one of the SFBBS. sales in Glasgow, that will have been a couple of years ago, you got a cock Blue- headed Waxbill from me, did you ever manage to get a hen??. James.
  12. Hi Shaun, good to see the promoters of the show not trying to make money off non profit making clubs and societies who are there to encourage and promote their side of bird-keeping in general. I am sure they will all appreciate the offer. James.
  13. Sunbird72

    Hello From Manchester :)

    Hi Laura M-H, welcome to the site, feel free to ask any question no matter how trivial they may seem, some one on here should be able to answer them. Regards James.
  14. Sunbird72

    Making A Comeback.

    Hi AJR, believe I meet you a few times at the now defunct Scottish National CBS if I remember correctly you were looking for a hen Black-headed Green Sugarbird hen to go with the male you had, unfortunately I could not help as I only had the one pair at the time. Best of luck with the Barbets, the more softbills the better. Regards James..