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  1. Sexado De aves

    fingers crossed have got 10 more to send off tomorrow 2 red and 8 blue face
  2. Sexado De aves

    i sent 4 samples off 3 red headed parrot finches 1 of them was sold to me as a definite female but come back as a male and the other sample was a peales that was sold as a male but has come back as a female
  3. Sexado De aves

    yes and no jan
  4. Sexado De aves

    i got the results today it wasnt there problem it was the post office
  5. Sexado De aves

    they have reserved my samples last monday so fingers crossed any day now
  6. Sexado De aves

    10 days so far and they say they havent had them sent them standard delivery aswell
  7. Sexado De aves

    its ok its been 8 days so far and i emailed them and they still have had the dna yet
  8. Sexado De aves

    does anybody know how long it takes to get the results
  9. Sexado De aves

    i have just sent some off to get dna tested
  10. i am looking for a silver java hen do have a tabke at stafford
  11. i am looking for a floor plan of the show on sunday is there any where i can find it
  12. Blue Faced Parrotfinch Hen

    hi if u texr me on 07932742282
  13. Hi, If you can sort me a hen I will get it at Stafford if thats ok, How much? and thanks for answering, Mike


  14. Blue Faced Parrotfinch Hen

    hi i might be able to sort u one out mate do habe a table a stafford
  15. Hi could someone please tell me what the dates are for this year cheers