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  1. have you sold your house finches as am interested.

  2. put an advert on birdtrek, a chap replied and i,m collecting a mountain cock bird at stafford.

  3. introduced myself is there anything else i need to do to activate myself. p.s still looking for a cock mountain.

  4. I cant message you?? your account needs to be updated, think you need to introduce yourself in introductions

  5. Kevin, its me Patrick, lost you email, ive still got the same can you email me yours, good to keep in touch

    1. kevwilts


      Will do Pat... probably not tonight as been one of those days

  6. Im in Dorset, my number 01305 773918

    1. Bakewell


      sorry I dont seem to get notifications on my feeds! ill try and call this week and pass your number on x

    2. Bakewell


      PS he lives south devon so not too far away!

  7. Hes sold his last pair recently!!! where abouts are you? if you have a number I can pass on your details to someone I know who may be able to help, but he doesnt go to staffs

  8. Thanks i'll message him

  9. Hello, am after a cock mountain parakeet, I messaged Bakewell who had advertised one and she suggested to try yourself

  10. Hello,

    1. trigger


      Do you still have an odd cock mountain parakeet to sell?

    2. Bakewell


      Hi sorry only just seen this!

      I dont sorry have you tried Mrparrot (Graham) he may have one.