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    Connah's Quay, Deeside, Flintshire.
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    Owner of H&G builders i'm lucky enough to do a job i still love,
    Bird keeping is my main hobby we keep and breed Gouldians, St,helenas,and Bluecaps
    We only parent rear some cage bred some aviary bred

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  1. PaulanLiz

    Hello. Everyone.

    Hi Hatchtag and welcome back You will probably find your old login has been deleted know from lack of use Good luck trying again PaulanLiz
  2. PaulanLiz

    New Member Worksop Notts

    Hi Rob and welcome to featheredflyer Gouldians are a beautiful bird Not to difficult to keep but also not the easiest Make sure your birdroom is draftfree has lighting and heating because Gouldians will only really do well if warm Good luck and I hope it all works well for you PaulanLiz
  3. PaulanLiz

    New Member From Warwickshire

    Welcome to feathered flyer Ken I hope you enjoy using the forums and become an active member Paulanliz
  4. PaulanLiz

    New Member From Cornwall

    Hi Mark welcome to the forum Hope you enjoy browsing and will soon start posting about your own experiences don't be afraid to ask questions or get involved in chats Paulanliz
  5. PaulanLiz

    New Member In Suffolk.

    Hi John and welcome to feathered flyer I hope you enjoy browsing the forum and sharing your experiences as well as asking questions to other members Remember no question is ever a silly question if it requires an answere then ask away Paulanliz
  6. There's a lot of benefits to having a table in the ff area You've got other members watching out for you in case of thieves or pushy customers You've got someone to watch your table while you nip the toilet You've got other members to chat with Tea coffee etc is available in the area For me I wouldn't have a table anywhere else as it often gets a bit overwhelming with the crowds
  7. PaulanLiz


    I went with nothing to collect or thoughts of buying but I think that's my last October I will stick with March I spent my time wandering around having a good look but there seemed to be just lots of trade stands and parrot like birds I thought it was terrible were they put feathered flyer and the wfs on the balcony which was over crowded My impressions parrot society don't want us there Nice to see a few people Jan and Mark, Dave,Gerhard and Claudia, Earl and Mark Dancer the list goes on But over all very disappointed with the day Roll on March always a great event
  8. PaulanLiz

    New Members Please Read

    Hi Bertram And welcome to featheredflyer there a a fair few members on here from Ireland so your not on your own Nice range of birds you keep have you kept birds for long ? Please tell us a little about you and your experiences Don't be afraid to ask questions or get involved we are a friendly bunch and always willing to help Paulanliz
  9. PaulanLiz

    New Member Removed

    We recently had a new member join the site who started by stating he was new to bird keeping and new to the forum and wanted to learn as much as he could which is great for the forum as there are always plenty of members willing to help answers questions But over the days said new member asked question after question and when given an answer would seem to only want to give his often very strong opinions often causing friction He then proceeded to pm members to continue the debate When we as admin noticed things getting heated we felt it was time to step in with a quiet word but unfortunately this was taken as an opportunity to argue with admin also Unfortunately we as admin feel that no member of ff or admin should be a subject of somebody else's aggressive manner This is not something that is done lightly so I hope all the members understand and agree with the decision Thank you all
  10. PaulanLiz

    New To Keeping Birds And To The Forum

    Hi James and welcome to featheredflyer feel free to ask as many questions as you need answered there will always be plenty of members ready to help Paulanliz
  11. PaulanLiz


    Hi and welcome Sorry to hear your having a bad year hopefully it will turn around soon Don't be afraid to join in and ask questions Paulanliz
  12. PaulanLiz

    New Members Upgrades

    Sometimes new members that have introduced themselves can get overlooked for upgrade to member I apologise if this happens we do try to keep on top of it Mick and Roleywire you have both been upgraded and can now access the full forum thanks again Colin for highlighting this Paulanliz
  13. PaulanLiz

    Using Full Site

    It's done thanks to Colin for getting in touch Sorry for the delay Parrots2
  14. PaulanLiz

    Hello From Grimsby

    Hi Parrots2 Welcome to featheredflyer I hope you enjoy using the forum and you become an active member Feel free to ask any questions or share your experiences I have now upgraded you membership Paulanliz
  15. PaulanLiz

    Hello Again Lads And Lasses

    Hi Andy obviously you were on before me so I don't remember you lol But it's always brilliant to have people return to not only the hobby but the forum Hope your going to share your knowledge and experience