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  1. shack58

    Returning member

    Welcome back Andrew Steve
  2. shack58

    Blankets Quiz Nights

    she might have been cold Paul
  3. shack58

    Blankets Quiz Nights

    the same here or so i thought :laugh: steve
  4. shack58


    hi tom and welcome steve
  5. shack58

    Newbee's 1St Post

    Hi and welcome Steve
  6. shack58

    Hi From Northwest Kent

    hi and welcome stuart steve
  7. shack58

    Hello Everyone

    hi and welcome steve
  8. Hi and welcome Steve Steve
  9. shack58

    New Member

    hi and welcome,where abouts do you live,i have just started to keep parrot finches this year steve
  10. shack58

    Automatic Dimmer

    I have the same as jan after a few teething problems it works really well thanks to mark (jans husband) I got everything from eBay Steve
  11. shack58

    Yoooooooo Dudes, I'm Back!

    welcome back mark steve
  12. shack58

    Old Newbee

    hi and welcome andrew
  13. shack58

    New Member Nottingham

    hi fynch and welcome bengalese are nice birds to start off with steve
  14. shack58

    Hi All From East Coast

    hi and welcome,where abouts on the east coast are you steve
  15. shack58

    New Member

    hi and welcome steve