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I'm a mother of three, ages ranging from 24 to 29. I am married to Mark (Welshfinchman on here). We have been together since our school days. We have kept all sorts including insects, softbills, finches, mammals of all sorts and owls. I currently keep Diamond firetails (silvers and normal), Painted finches, Pearl headed silverbills, Cherry finches (Fawn), Gouldian finches (normal, blues and yellows), olive finches (yellow faced grassquit type), cuban finches, bicheno finches (fawn and normal), blue faced parrot finches, mutation bengalese (self red greys and self fawn). Birds I would like to add to my collection eventually are masked grassfinches and bearded reedlings. I love keeping and breeding birds but hate when I have to part with the chicks I have bred. Jan