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  1. mrsprettyfinches2

    Return after a long time out.

    Hi and welcome to feathered flyer. What birds do you currently keep. Jan
  2. mrsprettyfinches2

    2019 Show bookings now available

    Think so too Colin.
  3. Hi all. One of our sponsors, Sexadodeaves dna sexing company, has contacted me to inform me of a competition that all members may be interested in. It's a video competition that involved how you would prepare your feathers, blood or egg shells to be sent for dna sexing. For more information and instructions, please see the link provided. Please either mention Feathered Flyer in your entry or ask to be sent a banner to be included as an attachment. Thanks, Jan http://www.sexadodeaves.com/en/and-here-it-is-video-contest-in-sexadodeaves-with-285e-prizes-2/
  4. mrsprettyfinches2

    Newbie saying Hi

    Hi Al. Welcome to feathered flyer. Thankyou for introducing yourself. Nice to see your getting the answers to some questions before taking the plunge. Best get it right first time as it can save on a lot of problems later on. Have to agree with Colin with the Zebra finches. Great for cage breeding or a little colony, but can prove troublesome in a mixed colony. Jan
  5. mrsprettyfinches2


    Hi and welcome Tam. My pleasure helping you onto the forum. Nice to have you with us. All the best with your fife chicks. Jan
  6. mrsprettyfinches2

    total newbie

    Hi Molly. Welcome to feathered flyer. Nice to have you with us. Jan
  7. mrsprettyfinches2

    Hello and thank you

    Hi Tom. Glad I managed to get you sorted. Good to have you with us. There plenty of reading to do. Hope it is of help to you. Anything you cant find, please feel free to ask. Jan
  8. mrsprettyfinches2

    Hi all

    Hi and welcome Shaun. Glad to have managed to get you on eventually. Hope you enjoy the site. Jan
  9. mrsprettyfinches2


    Hi Tom. Nice to have you back. Nice selection of parrotlike you have. A few on here keeping parrotlets but hanging parrots seem to be quite scarce. Upgraded you a full member as well so your able to use the site to the full. Jan
  10. mrsprettyfinches2

    For All New Members

    Welcome to Feathered flyer Aussie. Thanks for the introduction. All the best with your breeding season. Jan
  11. mrsprettyfinches2

    Joining this forum

    Due to an email problem with this site we have been unable to automatically validate new members. If you would like to join this site forum, please go through the normal joining procedures, but instead of waiting for a validating email, send me your log in name to featheredflyerwelcome@hotmail.com using the email you registered with and I will activate your account manually and email you to confirm your membership. Jan
  12. mrsprettyfinches2

    Returning member

    Welcome cack Andrew. Where did you get your bib finches. Not seen or heard of anyone keeping these for some time. Jan
  13. mrsprettyfinches2

    For All New Members

    Welcome Brian. Glad your back on site. Jan
  14. mrsprettyfinches2

    A Full Day Out

    Well you got back with some nice softbills James. Maybe I'll eventually be able to get there to make a start back with birds and hopefully put a face to the name. Jan
  15. mrsprettyfinches2

    A Full Day Out

    Those pied wagtails would have been nice to have James. We have only ever kept the grey wagtails but they were a pleasure in an aviary. That's a long day you had. It's why we take the caravan up on a Saturday. We sleep the night, up nice and early, stay Sunday night and usually have a nice traffic free journey. Jan