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  1. Hi Everyone.

    Hi Simon. Nice to have you with us on Feathered flyer. Zebra finches are a lovely bird and great to get the basics right before moving on to more challenging species. Jan
  2. Wanted can anyone help us

    I heard that adverts were closed to WFS members only Colin. Not sure if that's true. Jan
  3. How did your Stafford show go.

    You should try travelling up Saturday Paul and staying in a premier inn or something. Takes all the stress out of the day. Can be an enjoyable day that way. Jan
  4. Just wondered how your Stafford show went. Did you pick up something different or special. How did you find the show. What birds were available. Jan
  5. new member... kind of

    Welcome back Mark. Nice selection you have kept in the past. Nice to see your starting again and your Son as well. You will find the Zebra doves for sale occasionally but Bib finches are a very rare find now. Jan
  6. What are your plans for Stafford

    Same here Steve. Have you still got the bluecaps and st helenas . Jan
  7. What are your plans for Stafford

    Is that with Hayley. Not heared form her in some time. Jan
  8. What are your plans for Stafford

    So your sticking with waxbills Steve. Certainly much more of a challenge with those 2 species. Look forward to seeing your new setup. Jan
  9. What are your plans for Stafford

    Your not giving up birds are you Steve. You've been doing so well with the pearl headed and waxbills. Jan
  10. Just wondered what everyone's plans were for Stafford. What are you taking. What are you picking or hoping to be picking up. Are you showing and if so what. Just being nosey as usual. Not picking birds up until March now and the FF tables seemed to be ok regarding someone manning them so not going ourselves. Jan
  11. Sexado De aves

    Hi Mick. Always good to mention the forum as it helps with future sponsorship from them. If you are thinking of having tests done at the moment then I would just warn that some members on here have had delays due to the post strike in Spain. Obviously this is beyond Sexados control but just thought I would let you know. Jan
  12. Stafford 8th October 2017

    You might like to look back at past posts where Hayley sorted out our usual section for FF nice and early. When we got there we were given a totally different section, in a dark dingy place where no one could find us.. I also think you need to read the letter again that you posted on FF that was sent to Peter. This wasn't about species but more about the extra costs that the parrot society put on their section. It was then decided that the FSSUK would no longer have a showing there. There was also a problem with the parrot society not issuing early entry tickets as they had previously for members who were putting birds on display. Basically if you read the messages again, it was quite clear that the parrot society were being as awkward as they could, dealing with Peter Moore. Especially when you think how long there has been a softbill section there. Jan
  13. Stafford 8th October 2017

    Just like to point out that the problems with Stafford isn't mainly an admin problem but a parrot society problem. They are doing their best to shut out any other organisation. FF has been given a hard time by them and I know the FSSUK has as well. Paul. Your support has been really appreciated and no one can blame you for having to book tickets and tables elsewhere. I have held off ordering birds myself (including off you) as I don't even know if I'll be going due to a lack of a definite FF area. It is more than a little frustrating but we will continue to try to make things work. Jan
  14. new start

    Hi Bob. Good to see you managed to get back on. Welcome back. What type of birds are you looking to start back with. Jan
  15. If you are a member who are no longer able to login to your account, please send an email to featheredflyerwelcome@hotmail.com. If you leave your user name and email, I will then email you a new password which once your logged in, you can change to a password of your choice. Thankyou and sorry for any inconvenience caused. Jan (Mrsprettyfinches)