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  1. Thankyou Rob. Have kept all these except the hooded siskins. These are all stunning birds and great to keep. Pearl headed silverbills are getting quite hard to get these days unfortunately. Jan
  2. Just a start hopefully . Just using 1 birdroom for now and rebuilding flight as a 12 feet by 6 feet instead if the 18 feet by 12 feet we have at the moment. Have pm'd you Paul. Have pm'd you Jimmy. Looking very smart in your new avatar. Jan
  3. I know it's early but Me and the Hubby are looking to start with a few birds again. Just wondered if any members have, will have, may have or know anyone who have the following available for October Stafford. Genuine parent reared Gouldian finches. Prefer birds bred in slightly cooler than the average Gouldian birdrooms. Genuine parent reared painted finches. Genuine parent reared pairs of Pearl headed silverbills. Genuine parent reared Black hooded red siskins. Pairs Cuban finches. Genuine parent reared UK bred St. Helena waxbills, Looking for a few sources of these as I'm looking to make a nice colony again). Checking early so that adjustments to our current setup can be made. Thanks for reading. Jan
  4. We was going to travel up but just couldn't get around to it. Hope you all enjoyed yourselves. Hopefully October now. Hoping to start up again with birds again this year. Jan
  5. Well that was a great quiz. Surprising how obvious the answers to some of these are now you can see them next to the clue. Think I may have been over thinking them a little. wouldn't have got 25, 29 and 51 in a million years though. Thanks for taking the time to run it though. Jan
  6. With Sexado you print off forms to which you apply blood or add feathers. Most important of all is avoiding cross contaminating. They did tell me that blood samples are better due to feathers not always having the needed DNA as Colin brought out. Jan
  7. I must have gone brain dead through the sites off time. I just can't seem to get any of the latest. Jan
  8. Welcome to Feathered flyer. Nice to have you with us. Jan
  9. Use them myself. Some good products. Great to have them on board as our sponsors. All adding to the security of its future. Jan
  10. Welcome to the site John. We have a few members on here who can probably help you with pied parrot finches should you come to the Stafford show in October. Always good to put faces to names as well. If you need any help using the site, please feel free to contact any member of admin. Jan
  11. Thankyou Blanket. Need a few more now to keep the site funds secure. Jan
  12. Thanks Jimmy, Paul. Hopefully get a few more now to help secure the site future for good. Jan
  13. Hang on. Haven't got 18 and 19 yet. .
  14. Sexado de aves has kindly agreed to sponsor Feathered Flyer again this year. These are a dna sexing company who has earned a reputation for being just about the cheapest around. For more info, please click the banner which appears on the main page or the link below. Thankyou. Jan
  15. great. Really missed the quiz. Looking forward to it. Jan