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  1. mrsprettyfinches2


    Absolutely in my opinion Bryan. Even when members come on, there is very little in the way of comments. Sad but true. Jan
  2. mrsprettyfinches2

    Help joining site

    Think it's time you were admin Colin. Could have done with your help when I was on admin. Jan
  3. mrsprettyfinches2

    Sexado de aves

    All my posts have disappeared so just wanted to remind all members that for all your DNA sexing needs, one of our sponsors, https://www.sexadodeaves.com/en/ have proved to be extremely reliable and competitively priced. Any more information needed, please feel free to contact me. Jan
  4. mrsprettyfinches2

    2020 Stafford date

    Really hoping to get to this one. Missed so many now. Jan
  5. Hi all. With Stafford being so close now I was wondering who was going. What are you taking. What are you hoping to pick up. What tables you have so that we can come and say Hi, if we manage to get there. Jan