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  1. BrightDay

    October 2016 Stafford Show Precautions

    Book any birds you buy into the Parrot Societys Holding Room it lets you have a look around the show without having to carry your birds around with you. I was once asked to look after more than 10 canaries someone was carrying while he joined a massive queue for the cafe.
  2. BrightDay

    Second Wind

    Many have fallen for the charms of the 'normal gouldian' including me. Welcome back to the hobby.
  3. I always enjoy the October show but you're right the lighing at the far end of the balcony was gloomy and the queue for the cafe was virtually static. Some nice Bullfinches & cracking violet splendid parakeets but I wasn't buying birds today. Trade stands were good I bought plenty of hardware including a heated hospital cage for my more senior birds (just in case). Who lost the Budgie I saw flying around the main hall ?