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    grass parakeets, fifes, Javas, bengies an Zebras.

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  1. wayne

    Hi Everyone

    Hi, It's nice to find someone else from the island on here, i started up again after many years without birds so very small scale at the moment, i have the obligitary zebras that i was hoping to show plus splendids and rubino bourkes. I have just left another messgage on another topic as i was thinking of getting a pair of chestnut breasts and was wondering weather it would be safe to keep these without heat? they would either be in a shed or garage. I live in Ryde so perhaps we could catch up somewhen as there doesn't appear to be many of us on the island. Wayne
  2. wayne

    Members Location Map

    With the Zebra finch Forum map you just add yourself if you want it's entirely up to the individual and it only gives you a rough idea of the vicinity that you live in, but it's good to have a idea if there is anyone living in your area. Wayne
  3. wayne

    Members Location Map

    Hi all, Just a thought,what about having a map of our lovely country with members locations on similar to the Zebra finch forums map,this could come in very handy to new comers to the hobby just to see if there is anyone near to where they live. I'm relatively new to the hobby and it would be great to contact like minded people once you no that they are in yur vicinity.Any feedback welcome. Wayne
  4. wayne

    Can'T Start New Topic

    Does anybody know why i can't start a new topic on some forum's ??? Wayne