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  1. Only my first year with them but would not call them vicious, definitely no worse than a rampant Parrotfinch. Had the few hectic squabbles but seem to sound worse than it is. Suppose like all birds there are different levels of temperament, had to remove a cock once because he was chasing chicks but not really any other problems. They were a lot steadier than i was expecting, lost one chick after fledgling, had a couple d.i.s. and a couple clear eggs ending up with 10 youngsters from 3 pr. My goal was a dozen but really pleased with that and on the whole found them to be great parents. Hoping for a dozen next year.
  2. Quite a list Jan, at the moment i will be taking 2 x trios (1cock2hens) Red Siskins and 1 pr, bred from 3 u/r pr all this years.
  3. Yes, same answers as mine Mr Blanket, must have took someone forever to all those together.
  4. No idea on that one.
  5. Thats why they always come in prs No Colin, there is a big difference between Tommy Steele and Barbara Windsor, surprised you have never noticed.
  6. No 37 has to be Great Tit
  7. Never used anyone else. OLE
  8. Thats the quiz knackered, i had them all right to. well nearly
  9. Should have you running the Brexit No deal.
  10. Give you no 5 or 7 for no 10
  11. Cant be good at everything they reckon yours Staffords no 1 teamaker.
  12. No special clues for celebrities Dave
  13. Easy only took me 10 minutes to write them down And 2 days trying to work them out
  14. Who has them all right so far Ohhh just me
  15. Morning mate, good luck with the finches.