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  1. Hi Gerard


    I keep Pictorella's my problem is clear eggs.  This year I have reared 12 young from 12 hatched all from 1 pair.  I have had 3 pairs which have all laid clear rounds mine have all been raised by Bengalese.  All I feed the fosters with is Kings Egg Food and Perl Morbide and Verselaga Tropical seed.  Last year I bred 8 young and all 8 survived.  At the moment I have 12 pairs of Pictorellas and will be taking some to Stafford.  if you are interested in swapping some I would be interested. 


    Pete Tregellas


    1. Gerard b

      Gerard b

      Hi Pete, it's me Gerard Barrett, I didn't know you were a member here, we spoke by email a few weeks back.

      Fertility has not been a problem for me. I'm getting large clutches, 6 to 8 eggs, usually 7 and I've never had less than 6 eggs fertile and hatching. Very tough losing so many, the bengies just don't seem to want to feed them. I've tried hand feeding them for the first day or 2 two in the hope that the bengies would eventually take over but that hasn't worked either.