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  1. Gerard b

    Best table display in Show

    I have those type myself in my breeding cages, I suppose it's just a matter of having some kind of battery along with you on the day.
  2. Gerard b

    Best table display in Show

    Those ones seem to be particularly good, I wonder are they just the battery type? I'd be interested to know the set up, the LED light setup I mean?
  3. Gerard b

    Best table display in Show

    This is very nice, well done and congrats Joel.
  4. Gerard b

    March 2019 Stafford show. Who's going

    I'm not going to make it this time unfortunately, wish I could.
  5. Gerard b


    I’m only getting around to writing this now as it’s been a bit hectic since I got back. It was a long and at times stressful journey but I got there in the end. It was great to meet up with old friends, the FF area, although not as busy as in previous years, was still buzzing. Great location too it has to be said, thanks Shaun. Although attendance did seem to be slightly down, there was some excellent birds available in a nice variety. Overall I have to say the day was very well organised and I can’t see how anyone could complain about the cold in the halls, they were nice and toasty despite the terrible weather. Looking forward already to next years event.
  6. Gerard b

    Stafford is ON

    I’ll be there and I’m coming from Ireland.
  7. Can anyone tell me the date of the March Stafford next year please?
  8. Hi Gerard


    I keep Pictorella's my problem is clear eggs.  This year I have reared 12 young from 12 hatched all from 1 pair.  I have had 3 pairs which have all laid clear rounds mine have all been raised by Bengalese.  All I feed the fosters with is Kings Egg Food and Perl Morbide and Verselaga Tropical seed.  Last year I bred 8 young and all 8 survived.  At the moment I have 12 pairs of Pictorellas and will be taking some to Stafford.  if you are interested in swapping some I would be interested. 


    Pete Tregellas


    1. Gerard b

      Gerard b

      Hi Pete, it's me Gerard Barrett, I didn't know you were a member here, we spoke by email a few weeks back.

      Fertility has not been a problem for me. I'm getting large clutches, 6 to 8 eggs, usually 7 and I've never had less than 6 eggs fertile and hatching. Very tough losing so many, the bengies just don't seem to want to feed them. I've tried hand feeding them for the first day or 2 two in the hope that the bengies would eventually take over but that hasn't worked either.

  9. Gerard b

    New member

    Welcome to FF, good to have you onboard.
  10. Gerard b

    New Member

    Hello and welcome Kevin.
  11. Gerard b

    New Member

    Hello and welcome Gary.
  12. Gerard b

    New Member-Costas

    Hello Costa and welcome to FF.
  13. Gerard b

    New Member

    Hi John and welcome to FF.
  14. Gerard b


    Hello John and welcome to Feathered Flyer.