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  2. Stafford 8th October 2017

    that sounds good ! Let's hope there is not a mix up like last year !
  3. Stafford 8th October 2017

    Site has booked 2 tables, just waiting to confirm if they can locate us somewhere prominent more updates to follow on the near future shaun
  4. Stafford 8th October 2017

    Well shows 2 weeks on Sunday & it seems I'll be collecting Waxbills & Gouldians . anybody got any news ?
  5. looking for unrelated 2017 parent reared pairs of painted finches to pick up at stafford
  6. Earlier
  7. Looking for a cock blue splendid going to the Stafford show next month.
  8. Is anyone going to the Warwickshire bird show on Sunday 17/09/2017 with any Goldfinches for sale? Cheers Paul
  9. Wanted 1 or 2 bearded reeding hens Tel jason 07412015556

    Cheers maza got them
  11. You may struggle jane might be better off buying a pair
  12. Can anyone help us. 2 female blue caps
  13. Stafford show March 2018

    Thanks Colin
  14. Stafford show March 2018

    Sunday 4th March 2018 see https://www.facebook.com/StaffordSpringBirdShow/
  15. Can anyone tell me the date of the March Stafford next year please?
  16. Stafford 8th October 2017

    nice one dave even if we don't have a space at least we can still have a meet up.
  17. Stafford 8th October 2017

    Fingers crossed we can arrange something will keep you posted
  18. Stafford 8th October 2017

    we will be there but not to sell any birds but showing at the colour canary show plus only ever sell our birds in march as like to make sure the birds are fit and healthy. perhaps we could have a meet up point with a time and then could all meet up then.
  19. Sexado De aves

    Hi Jean Sent out 6 samples late last week so just keeping an eye on them. Earlier this year I had the issue that the samples were arriving in 2-3 days but it was taking 12-15 days to test as they were short staffed. Mick
  20. Sexado De aves

    Hi Mick. Always good to mention the forum as it helps with future sponsorship from them. If you are thinking of having tests done at the moment then I would just warn that some members on here have had delays due to the post strike in Spain. Obviously this is beyond Sexados control but just thought I would let you know. Jan
  21. Sexado De aves

    I have been using their service for the last couple of years on the recommendation of one of the administrators on this site. I would do 30-40 test per year. Should I mention that I am a member of this forum when I send them samples so that they can see that their sponsorship is working. Should other member do the same ? Mick
  22. Hi all looking fir painted finches for Stafford if anyone can help cheers mark

    check birdtrek i think there was a pair on recently but in a list of other birds

    Wanted for stafford a pair western bluebirds Tel. Jason 07412015556
  25. I am looking to pick up the following at Stafford in October. I would prefer if they were all parent reared, aviary bred and tolerant to outdoor weather. 1 pair of Fawn Owl finches (preferably 9-15 months old) Fawn Cherry Finch cock (6-12 months old) Parson Finch cock (6-12 months old) Cheers
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