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  2. I post mine standard class, and the site indicates when the sample has been received, mine normally take no more than 3 days.
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  4. its ok its been 8 days so far and i emailed them and they still have had the dna yet
  5. Normally 7 - 10 days, I assume this depends on demand, occasionally quicker.
  6. Hi Jan ,I have parent reared painted finches available ,and all being well will be going to Stafford . cheers Jon.
  7. does anybody know how long it takes to get the results
  8. i have just lost my hen and one of my last chicks that fledged,but i hope that i have at least one hens from the remaining chicks that i can pair up with one unrelated cock birds that i have steve
  9. i have bred 16 st helenas so far this year,parent reared and aviary bred,that i am looking to sell i just don't know if i can get to stafford steve
  10. Good to hear that you are starting up again. It's certainly an interesting hobby. Hope you find some genuine parent reared birds.
  11. Wanted.. young Chestnut Breasted Mannikin hen this years or 2016 would be ideal & preferably in South West area Also looking for any other Mannikin or Munias species but not silverbills. Thanks
  12. Wanted gouldians kept at low temperature Craig
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  14. Only my first year with them but would not call them vicious, definitely no worse than a rampant Parrotfinch. Had the few hectic squabbles but seem to sound worse than it is. Suppose like all birds there are different levels of temperament, had to remove a cock once because he was chasing chicks but not really any other problems. They were a lot steadier than i was expecting, lost one chick after fledgling, had a couple d.i.s. and a couple clear eggs ending up with 10 youngsters from 3 pr. My goal was a dozen but really pleased with that and on the whole found them to be great parents. Hoping for a dozen next year.
  15. Try the Norfolk & Suffolk Australian Finch Society. Very helpful and are based not to far from.
  16. i have just sent some off to get dna tested
  17. if you get some hooded siskins your'll have fun with them they can be vicious buggers come mating time.
  18. great to hear you are starting up again ,good luck with new set up etc
  19. Thankyou Rob. Have kept all these except the hooded siskins. These are all stunning birds and great to keep. Pearl headed silverbills are getting quite hard to get these days unfortunately. Jan
  20. Good luck Jan, I will now go and lookup what all those birds are.
  21. Just a start hopefully . Just using 1 birdroom for now and rebuilding flight as a 12 feet by 6 feet instead if the 18 feet by 12 feet we have at the moment. Have pm'd you Paul. Have pm'd you Jimmy. Looking very smart in your new avatar. Jan
  22. Jan, I have Gouldians( seven) from two sets of parents, parent reared and bred outside, not sexed any yet, but getting almost ready to go
  23. Quite a list Jan, at the moment i will be taking 2 x trios (1cock2hens) Red Siskins and 1 pr, bred from 3 u/r pr all this years.
  24. I know it's early but Me and the Hubby are looking to start with a few birds again. Just wondered if any members have, will have, may have or know anyone who have the following available for October Stafford. Genuine parent reared Gouldian finches. Prefer birds bred in slightly cooler than the average Gouldian birdrooms. Genuine parent reared painted finches. Genuine parent reared pairs of Pearl headed silverbills. Genuine parent reared Black hooded red siskins. Pairs Cuban finches. Genuine parent reared UK bred St. Helena waxbills, Looking for a few sources of these as I'm looking to make a nice colony again). Checking early so that adjustments to our current setup can be made. Thanks for reading. Jan
  25. I was there. Had a table and was worried it was bit quiet, but sold pretty much everything and was gone by 11.30am! Didn't buy any birds because not looking for anything at the moment, but stocked up on dry goods and insects.
  26. Unless any other splits eamonn all normal carriers I'm afraid but who knows these days
  27. I went for dry goods, mainly enough seed and Supablend to last me for a few months, had a quick look around the birds and found a lovely little green hen budgie with a full crest, and at single digits pricewise! Then the seller wouldn't take anything for it as I had given a birds to her son the previous year! A good turn returned! many thanks Hayley!
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