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    Welcome back andrew fingers crossed your successful with new additions. Odviously let me know if you breed the bibs, seems a fair few now with fody so hopefully a few can be bred and exchanged.
  3. As I've mentioned before best buying a new pair of each as breeders are unlikely to sell single hens.
  4. Is there anyone out there can help us 1 female painted 1 female blue cap Thank you for looking
  5. Returning member

    Welcome back Andrew Steve
  6. Last week
  7. Returning member

    Welcome back Andrew, good luck for the breeding season
  8. Returning member

    Hi & welcome back
  9. Returning member

    Hi there, I used to be a member but not been on for a while so thought I would say hi I currently keep Napoleon Weavers, Orange Cheek Waxbills, Desert Sparrows, Madagascar Fodies and Bib Finches. Really excited about this breeding season as both the Bib Finches and Fodies are recent additions. All the best, Andrew
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  11. Hatchtag Report submitted April 2 Good Morning. Admin. Can I advertised this here. Good Morning. There is a guy from Far East Malaysia which I use to know and came seeking my assistant. . He has great intention to buy Canary in large quantity. It doesn’t matter what species. He and his team has intention is to reintroduce Canary back to Malaysia. I am just a hobbyist breeder and don’t know anyone but there are admins or members that knew breeders or Canary dealers which able to export Canary to Malaysia please forward them this contact as below. Raymond Teh tel:- 0060164489333 He has Whatsapp with Easy reach. In return he has lots of song bird like Red check bul bul Male or oriental magpie Male and (other female got to be in contact with Raymond to arrange). which could send swap vice versa. Kindly forward this info to all your contact. Hope he will receive a favorable reply. Regard Ray Wang
  12. My hen died. I don’t know why. Sadly I got only a very young hen and 5 cock. I am seeking if possible there are avairy hens available. Looking for 2 hens. Please let me know. Thank you. Ray
  13. Hi I am looking for a Phaeo or mutation (not pied) Mexican house finch cock, West Midlands area. Thanks Ken
  14. Please help wanted parrot finch hen top price paid Cheshire , staffs Craig
  15. Stafford

    yes it is a good place to meet although we wasn't there to long as our birds flew off the table.
  16. Is there anyone out there willing to help us get these birds. 1 female painted 1 female blue cap Thank you for looking
  17. Stafford

    Hi Shaun, Yes, i think it is still worth while having an FF area at March Staffs as that is where i found most of the members i have met in the past and had a good chat to a few of them. Without having the FF area there is a high probability we would have passed each other by whilst shuffling around the main hall. Regards Mark
  18. Stafford

    Thanks Gerard, what do the members who attended think to keeping the FF area? I was worried the demand was falling? Is it still a nice place to put faces to names and have a brew? shaun
  19. For All New Members

    Welcome Brian. Glad your back on site. Jan
  20. For All New Members

    welcome back Brian . Hopefully once the site is back running properly there will be more talk about softbills !
  21. For All New Members

    hi there i have just managed to get back into the site after being out for a few years lost in the change over. I am a softbill keeper which i have been exhibiting for the last 60 years.
  22. A Full Day Out

    Well you got back with some nice softbills James. Maybe I'll eventually be able to get there to make a start back with birds and hopefully put a face to the name. Jan
  23. Stafford

    I’m only getting around to writing this now as it’s been a bit hectic since I got back. It was a long and at times stressful journey but I got there in the end. It was great to meet up with old friends, the FF area, although not as busy as in previous years, was still buzzing. Great location too it has to be said, thanks Shaun. Although attendance did seem to be slightly down, there was some excellent birds available in a nice variety. Overall I have to say the day was very well organised and I can’t see how anyone could complain about the cold in the halls, they were nice and toasty despite the terrible weather. Looking forward already to next years event.
  24. We have our next sale at Bramshaw Village Hall (SO43 7JE) this Sunday, 11th March, doors open 12 noon. Membership must be applied for before the sale date. Here is the list of birds that some members have told me they'll be bringing in:


    Yorkshire's / border's 

    New colours / fifes

    Gloucesters / bronze



    Rainbow's / exhibition

    Garden aviary / miniatures


    British / European

    Siskins / greenfinches

    Redpoles / British goldfinches

    British bullfinch / yellow bullfinches

    Syberian goldfinches / Syberian bullfinches


    Grass parrakeets

    Silver / normal java sparrows

    Many colour parrakeets / orange pied redrumps

    Albino / pied redrumps / adult plum heads

    Turqs / bourkes / redrumps

    elegants / cockatiels

    Mountain parrakeets / Siera parrakeets

    Blue kakariki's / normals

    Pied red eyed kakariki's / cinnamon red eyed kakarik's



    Abyssinian lovebirds / peach faced

    Masked / fischer's


    Parrots / parrakeets

    Stanley's / Pennants

    Red lord amazons / blue fronted amazons



    Normal diamond doves / zeb doves

    blue ground doves / pied diamond doves



    Orange cheeked / star finches / spice finches

    Zebra finches / strawberry finches

    St. Helena's / black crested finches

    Napoleon weavers / goldians / bucenos

    Blue / red faced parrot finches / cherry finches

    gold breasted finches / yellow stars / hex

    Parson's / Forbes parrot finches / masked grass finches




    Chinese and Japanese quail / Jungle bush quails


    These are a few of the birds that will be coming in on Sunday. They will be many more from our members on the day!


  25. A Full Day Out

    Hi Jan,. The Wagtails were not the best and it was difficult to see if they were a true pair, so I resisted them. They were snapped quickly though. James.
  26. A Full Day Out

    Those pied wagtails would have been nice to have James. We have only ever kept the grey wagtails but they were a pleasure in an aviary. That's a long day you had. It's why we take the caravan up on a Saturday. We sleep the night, up nice and early, stay Sunday night and usually have a nice traffic free journey. Jan
  27. A Full Day Out

    James ,had a much easier day than you, home to the Scottish Borders by 5 p.m. Delivered a Splendid Sunbird to Stafford to make up a pair. Came home with some Napoleon Weavers ( a local canary breeder has come to his senses and is now determined to breed some weavers and has persuaded me to get some as well ). Resisted the temptation to buy anything more exotic. Almost ended up with some Chinese Painted Quail but all sold by the time i made up my mind. Enjoyable day despite empty tables etc.
  28. A Full Day Out

    Hi cestrian,. The Pekins I got were from a FSSUK member, but they were pre-booked and went straight from his car to the coach, a DNA proven pair in top condition. The Amethysts I got from one of the traders, nice healthy pair, should get them into top feather in a few weeks, Generally good Softbills took a bit of seeking out, British Softbills were very thin on the ground, only seen a pair of Pied Wagtails,a Blackcap cock, a Rubythroat cock and I think a pair of Marsh Tits, and I was in very early. James.
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