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Preparations And Hopes For 2010

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After a challenging but successful 2009 I am now looking to build on my main goal of strengthening my 'Normal' stock of Javas. I am looking very much at quality rather than quantity this year and plan to only look at one good round per pair. A problem I have had this year is that for my set up I have kept too many birds and as the majority are now birds bred by myself I can simply add the best each year and pass on surplus to other Java Keepers. The best 3 pairs I have will be used to improve my normal stock this year and this will be both maneagable and ensure I focus on them fully for the best results. Aside to the Normals I am looking to build on the Fawn programme which I began last year. I will be putting a split cock and Split hen from 2009 back to Fawns with the aim of darkening the brown head of the stock going forward. I have two lovely young birds which have good normal colouring and good legs and should hopefully provide me with better birds. Finally I plan to breed some whites this year, I have 4 birds which I think are two pairs but I cannot yet be certain, they are lovely birds and just add that bit of variety. I cannot however do anything until I have sold on my surplus stock which I plan to do in the coming weeks.

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