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Last Stages Of The Season

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Since my last entry in May, I have bred my first Split Fawn chicks. I am looking to improve the colouring of the Fawn Mutation as many I have seen, whilst nice birds do not seem as dark or strong as they could be. The three chicks are now in with my 12 earlier bred normals. I have 5 more chicks, fully feathered which will be the last normals I breed this year. The last pair I have are 2 or 3 days away from hopefully hatching. They have 7 eggs, of which 4 appear fertile. These will be more Split Fawns, bred from a 2007 Normal cock to a 2008 Fawn Hen. Next year I will look to breed these split birds either to other splits or Fawns to hopefully begin working towards an improved Fawn Java.

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